Shopping Centres


Architects and designers, property owners and managers know the importance of good sustainable design. Shopping malls continue to evolve with an even greater emphasis on the total customer experience.

With the addition of cozy lounging chairs, fireplaces, indoor cafe’s, flat screen TVs, climbing walls, beauty bars and massage boutiques the environment becomes more friendly and welcoming.

The challenge is to provide the best shopping experience possible and maintain operational costs. Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) large spaces is challenging and expensive. MegaFan energy-efficient, high volume low speed commercial fans can drastically cut costs associated with HVAC.

 Here are just a few simple facts to consider: 
    • The cost to run a high efficiency chiller or heater is about 35p per kW/hour per ton.
    • Let’s say a system requires 20,000 tons of aircon, that’s 7,000 kW/h, times 10 pence per kilowatt which equates to  … £ 700.00 each and every day! (At 12 hours a day.)      By integrating ceiling fans into the cooling and heating design energy costs are drastically reduced.
    • One 7.3M, 0.75kW commercial fan will create a gentle, comfortable breeze covering about 20,000 square feet – and will cost about 60 pence a day to operate.  Smaller commercial fans 2M to 6M feet in diameter operate for even less money.
    • Let MegaFan design a special fan for your project.  Custom colors including wood-grain motifs are available.
    • HVLS commercial fans are ergonomic, quiet, and extremely “green”.
    • Integrated with HVAC systems they will pay for themselves quickly.

Retail Stores


The economic challenges of operating a retail store dictate smart design, value and comfort for customers.  Everyone knows, comfortable  customers generally shop longer and spend more. 

MegaFan high volume low speed commercial fans work well for retailers;  first, they save money when integrated with HVAC systems, and second, they create a very pleasant gentle breeze that feels really good.

In winter, MegaFan commercial fans can be run in reverse to move and mix the hot air, that rises up to the ceiling, with the cooler air located at the shopping or floor level – this evens room temperatures and makes for a warmer more comfortable shopping experience. 

 MegaFan HVLS, High Volume Low Speed Fans Help Retailers by : 

 Improving the shopping experience … a gentle breeze feels really good.

  • Choose from 2.2 to 7.3 metre commercial fans, and consider our 1.8M, Eco6 Wall or Pole Mount Fan.
  • The Eco6 is ideal for aisles, checkout counters and spot cooling.  Plus it’s super energy-efficient!
  • Select custom colors to work with your decor.
  • Design a more comfortable space, improve air quality, improve customer and employee comfort.