Buildings don't get much larger than airport terminals. See our HVLS fans in action in this perfect environment, increasing passenger comfort whilst saving huge amounts of energy.

Air quality in terminals, baggage handing areas and food service areas is greatly improved with HVLS fans from MegaFan Technologies.

MegaFan has helped many customers achieve better air distribution, improved air quality, and a much higher degree of comfort, in the summer and winter seasons.

Plus MegaFan HVLS fans move more air with less energy consumption than any other form of HVAC

Design and build a more eco-friendly environment by using these huge energy savers

Here’s what we do for you:

  •  Distribute air corner to corner in a facility. Our HVLS fans are ergonomic, attractive, and produce a gentle breeze without noise and turbulence

  •  Enhance natural ventilation

  •  Minimize odours, smoke, and exhaust fumes

  •  Reduce load requirements and reduce ducting