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This section of our website is dedicated to proving our technology provides the energy savings we claim.


IKEA choose our HVLS technology for huge energy savings, plus customer and staff comfort.

Store case study: 7 of our 24ft / 7.3M HVLS fans, connected to our unique touch screen control system, providing destratification for the store and warehouse.

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Megafan HVLS technology is simply the best method of saving energy and reducing carbon emissions.

Liverpool University conducted a detailed CFD analysis of destratification in large buildings and the effect that MegaFan HVLS fans have on your winter heating costs.

This independant, detailed report, funded by UK government, clearly provides proof that savings in heating costs between 40% - 45% can be achieved when MegaFan HVLS fans are installed in buildings with high ceilings.

A must read for all those serious about saving money and reducing carbon footprints.


Download your copy of this report and presentation now to see for yourself the HUGE benefits of MegaFan HVLS Fans by clicking on the images below.


Detailed report (Click Here)


Presentation (Click Here)

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Case Study 1

The table below is actual data received from a "before and after" case study of a major distribution facility in which we installed 14 MegaFan HVLS Fans.


 Sample Period (days)

Gas kWh Before MegaFan Installation

Gas kWh After MegaFan Installation


in kWh

Co2 Reduction


Carbon Reduction


Gas Costs Before MegaFan Installation

Gas Costs After MegaFan Installation


£ Saving 

 % Reduction








 £ 3,145.93

 £ 1,969.94

£ 1,175.98

 37 %








 £ 16,169.19

 £ 10,305.88

 £ 5,863.30

 36 %








 £ 7,993.89

 £ 2,094.68

 £ 5,899.21

 74 %












The above study is based on the following :

Gas Cost of 3.328 pence per kWh      1 kWh = 0.21kg C02    1 kWh = 0.057kg Carbon     

Total Surface Area = 16,800 M Sq   Total Air Volume = 268,000 M Cu

It should be noted that we only have before and after data for this period. We believe the actual savings in the colder winter months Oct - Jan are higher than those detailed in the table above.

However, based on these figures alone, the project payback period was 589 days or 1.6 years.

Case Study 2

Three of Megafan's HVLS fans have been installed at Wardle Storeys’ Earby facility.

The fan assemblies were clamped to an RSJ, with power taken from a busbar and a communication cable running between the fans and the control panel. The control panel was developed by MegaFan and Mitsubishi, allowing the variable speed drives on each fan to be individually controlled, with speed and direction adjusted as required. The control panel features a touch screen HMI from Mitsubishi’s E1000 range.

In winter, setting the fans at a speed of around 30rpm draws air trapped in the ceiling and gently pushes it downwards, enabling the company to reduce thermostat settings by 4°C and switch off one third of the heaters in the building.