FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)

How Safe Are MegaFan HVLS Fans ?

Safety is our primary concern. All HVLS fan models have advanced safety features to ensure no part of the fan assembly can fall from its mounting.

Our 6 Blade model features a patent pending hub interlocking system which is bolted to the main fan frame assembly. In the unlikely event of the hub locking bush failing, this will ensure that the hub and blades stay attached to the main frame.


All our HVLS fans have interlocking "boomerang" clips, which interlock each blade with the blade adjacent to it. The blades are then secured with a further "Nylock" nut and bolt.

Finally, the electronic speed controller constantly monitors the load of the fan.

If the current draw increases past a preset point, the controller will trip bringing the fan to a gentle, controlled stop.


How are the HVLS Fans attached to the roof supports ?

Our HVLS fans simply clamp onto the RSJ (Rigid Steel Joist), so no drilling or welding is required.

Then a 6mm galvanised safety rope is secured around the RSJ and the fan frame.

If an extension or drop rod is used, then a further safety rope is attached to this, ensuring that there is no circumstance in which that fan may fall from its mounting position.

A further safety feature is to use guy ropes to secure the fan and prevent any movement where then fan might encounter a side or cross wind (for example, near a loading bay door).

The top mounting assembly is designed to accomodate RSJ's for pitched roofs, allowing the lower assembly to self center.


In summer, won’t the fan just blow all the trapped hot air down and increase the floor temperature ?

The fan speed is fully variable, via the speed control panel. In summer, the speed is increased to provide a pleasent, non disruptive breeze. Not enough to blow dust, dirt and papers around, just enough to help the body's natural evaporative cooling, making it feel much cooler.

Imagine being on a beach on a hot day. A gentle breeze makes it feel much cooler and more comfortable. Our HVLS fans provide this breeze.

By equalizing the roof and floor air temperatures, the fans help lower both the roof air temperature and the floor temperature.

Clean air from outside the building is quickly distributed throughout the building, making for better working conditions and a healthier environment.

How much does is cost to run a HVLS fan ?

26 : 1 Ratio against standard high speed fans 

Our fans are extremely cost efficient to run. Our 6 Blade, 7.3M diameter Airvolution model has a 750W, three phase motor.

At full speed, the unit will draw 0.75kW at 1.3A which equates to approximately 5.6 pence per hour !


Consider energy consumption.

It takes 26 high speed fans to move the same amount of air as only one MaxAir™ 7.3M 1.5kW fan.

It costs more to run the high speed fans for one hour than to run one 10 Blade MaxAir™ fan for eight.

This means an actual running cost of approximately 11.8 pence per hour !

Remember, these running costs are at full speed. The running costs for Winter destratification are even less !