Winter savings no longer guess work.

Liverpool University conducted a detailed CFD analysis of destratification in large buildings and the effect that MegaFan HVLS fans have on your winter heating costs.

This independant, detailed report, funded by the North West Development Agency (NWDA), clearly provides proof that savings in heating costs between 40% - 45% can be achieved when MegaFan HVLS fans are installed in buildings with high ceilings. 

A must read for all those serious about saving money and reducing carbon footprints.


Download your copy of this report and presentation now to see for yourself the HUGE benefits of MegaFan HVLS Fans.


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 MegaFan in the Pink !

MegaFan Technologies are featured in the Entrepreneur section of the world famous Financial Times.

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MegaFan Technologies at the World Furture Energy Summit (WFES)

Abu Dhabi – UAE

MegaFan Technologies were proud to represent UK carbon friendly technology and exhibit at the World Future Energy Summit.

As we all strive to lower our carbon footprint, MegaFan Technologies offer a real solution to the energy intensive requirements of Air Conditioning.

Held at ADNEC, we mounted a 7.3 Metre, 6 blade HVLS fan in the exhibition hall directly above our stand to demonstrate the effectiveness a single HVLS fan.

Coupled to our latest touch screen control system, the gigantic HVLS fan raised huge interest, whilst providing a gentle, non disruptive breeze.



Former Prime Minister Tony Blair gave a keynote speech at the Summit stating “ the time to address climate change is now, and by using innovative technologies, our goals on carbon reduction can be met”.

He acknowledged that British companies are at the forefront of this.

To view Mr. Blair's speech and other distinguished speakers at the Summit, click the video link below.

EnergyEfficiencyNoW - Issue 3


High Volume Low Speed Fan technology was first created in America in the mid 1990’s.

Now, MegaFan Technologies is currently the only UK company that imports HVLS Fans.

These large fans are available in sizes between 2.2M (8ft.) and 7.3M (24ft) in diameter and can save companies thousands of pounds on energy bills ....

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Beat the chill, reduce the bill

With saving energy top on the agenda, high volume low speed fans can make a notable difference to heating bills and comfort levels in large buildings. MegaFan's Managing Director, Garry Stiven explains how it makes good business sense to be efficient. Claire Jackson investigates

Originally designed to keep cattle cool in large dairy sheds in the US, today's high volume low speed fans have come a long way. The large scale fans can move vast amounts of air in every direction, making for more comfortable cows and higher milk yields. MegaFan saw how this concept could be developed in industrial applications, and almost two years down the line, the company is going from strength to strength.

"We saw that in this country the real potential of the fans was that when run more slowly, they enabled huge reservoirs of trapped hot air in large buildings to be recirculated," explains Garry Stiven.

"We feel the strength of the product is in the energy saving. Basically it's reusing a source that would otherwise be wasted." This saving also comes in monetary form. According to Garry, companies are saving in excess of 50% of their gas bills in the winter. An economical product, the fans are inexpensive to run, working from small motors; the largest being 1.5kW.

A 24ft MegaFan HVLS product is said to replace 26 conventional high speed fans but only cost the same as running one.

To date, MegaFan has enjoyed success with companies such as McDonalds, Tesco, General Electric and Simpson Strong Tie to name a few.

A recent project saw three HVLS fans installed at Wardle Storey's manufacturing facility in Earby, Lancashire. The fan assemblies were clamped onto an RSJ, with power taken from a busbar and a communication cable running between the fans and the control panel. The touch screen system developed by MegaFan Technologies and Mitsubishi Automation, allows each fan to be controlled individually, allowing speed and direction to be changed as required. In winter, the fans are set to a low speed, around 30 rpm. This draws vast quantities of warm air into the fan and gently pushes it downwards.

Wardle Storey says it was able to reduce the thermostat setting by 4ºC, and switch off one third of the heaters in the building, while still maintaining a comfortable working environment.

In summer months, the fan speed can be increased, up to approximately 54 rpm to generate a pleasant cooling breeze. The actual technology behind the high volume low speed fans is relatively simple, relying on the basic principles of air movement. In almost all large, comparatively high ceiling buildings, much of the heat ends up trapped in the ceiling area. This currently wasted source of heat can be recycled by HVLS fans de-stratifying and pushing the warm air back down to ground level. The movement of air reduces the level of humidity, particularly of use in an industrial application. The fans homogenise the air, erradicating hot and cold spots, making temperatures more even.

Saving resources and maintaining a highly green ethos is high on MegaFan's agenda. "What we want to do as a company is to preserve energy and help businesses cut down on carbon emissions as much as we can." Discussions on global warming aside, Garry emphasises that saving energy makes good business sense too.

"It's good practice to be efficient.

Regardless of the environmental debate it remains vital to use energy as sensibly as possible. From a business perspective, you should be saving money, and therefore energy, whatever the forecasts are." With the energy-savings come considerable additional benefits. The circulation of air makes working conditions more comfortable, reducing absenteeism through illness and improving the working environment for employees.

"The fans make the air much fresher and much cleaner," says Garry. "In the summer people are much more happy to come to work if they know they're going to be comfortable." Fitting into the broader spectrum of energy management, MegaFan's products can be used in any building management system. Highly controllable, they can be set to a company's own specification. From a health and safety perspective, the fans integrate into the fire alarm system, so that should a fire break out, the fans are automatically shut down.

Energy Saving is a breeze with MegaFan

MegaFan Technologies was established in May 2006 by Managing Director Garry Stiven who, while working as a consultant, saw the potential for HVLS Fans and decided to import them himself. 

The six bladed fans are imported from Californian company, MacroAir LLC, whose  founder Walter Boyd, created the High Volume Low Speed Fans.

MegaFan  Technologies now aim to distribute the fans to large manufacturing facilities, warehouses, logistic companies, retail parks, gymnasiums, auditoriums and air craft companies all over the UK and Europe.

In the US companies such as Wal*Mart, Coca Cola, Black and Decker, Pepsi and Ford are happy converts to HVLS Fan technology from MacroAir.

In the UK MegaFan Technologies is negotiating with a number of the UK’s largest companies to install HVLS fans before this winter’s increasing heating costs hit profits.

Like so many great ideas, the actual technology behind the High Volume Low Speed Fans is very simple and relies on the basic principles of air movement.

In the UK and Europe HVLS Fans will be at their most beneficial in the winter, especially in money saving terms. In almost all large, comparatively high ceiling buildings, much of the heat that costs consumers dearly ends up trapped in the ceiling area benefiting nobody and harming us all through overall wastage.

Through the installation of HVLS Fans this currently wasted source of heat can be recycled by HVLS Fans de-stratifying the air and pushing the warm air back down to ground level. Savings on heating and energy bills of up to 50% have been recorded using HVLS technology.

In the summer, the fans blow down large columns of air which, when they reach the floor, cause a gentle breeze to flow across the floor effectively cooling the area through air movement. It is this air movement against the body that brings about the comfort factor.

One 24ft MegaFan HVLS fan will replace 25 conventional high speed fans but only cost the same as running one.

The noise and disruption experienced with multiples of high speed fans will also be negated as the fans run very quietly and the air movement is gentle.

Garry Stiven said “In the UK, the main advantage of these fans is that in the winter they can save a company or organisation up to 50% on their energy bill and, in some cases in the US, even bigger savings have been made.” The ceiling mounted fans consist of six or ten aerodynamically designed aluminum blades that are driven by a one or two HP motor with ceiling mounted hardware. Once the fans are installed by MegaFan’s team of highly qualified electrical engineers, they are extremely economical and cost from as little as 5p per hour for even the largest 24 foot fan.

The return on investment period for HVLS fans is approximately 40% over two years, with a payback period that averages less than 18 months.

MegaFan has recently completed a major HVLS Installation Project for Simpson Strong Tie, who lead the industry in hanger design and are committed to building safe structures.

John Phipps, Production Director of Simpson Strong Tie said " Since the installation of the MegaFan Hi-Speed, Low Volume system we have already observed increased efficiency and effectiveness in the distribution of cool air during the summer and warm air during the cooler periods. We are delighted not only with the cost savings but also with the environmental advantages associated with the system. Furthermore, our facility has become more comfortable for staff due to better control of the environmental conditions this system facilitates”.

MegaFan Technologies are dedicated to providing HVLS fans that are safe and easy to use and are environmentally friendly. The six blade fans feature an Interlocking Safety System and ten blade fans include safety clips, safety wire and safety links. Both systems are designed to secure the fan in the unlikely event of a mechanical failure.

High Volume Low Speed fans supplied and fitted by MegaFan Technologies are an easily installed, cost effective, low maintenance solution to both the heating and ventilation problems that are encountered in either the summer or winter. Garry Stiven added “The fans are quick to install and maintain. We can both supply and fit the fans and perform a full turn key project. MegaFan Technologies will do free, no obligation site surveys for companies anywhere in the UK or Ireland.”

As well as all this, MegaFan Technologies can help facilitate Interest Free Carbon Trust Loans with no arrangement fees for small to medium sized companies that will provide companies with immediate benefits from energy savings and a much improved working environment.