Site Surveys

Our technical sales engineers are available, free of charge, to perform a detailed site survey of your facility.

Following this survey, we shall issue a detailed proposal, showing the recommended size and location of MegaFan HVLS fans to provide optimal coverage.

If you can provide your gas consumption data, we can also estimate the savings provided by the installation of HVLS fans and therefore the Return on Investment (ROI) of the installation.

Alternatively, if you want a quick, budget proposal, you can forward the details of your facility and we will provide a draft specification for the size and location of HVLS fans.

Please refer to the sketch opposite and email your dimensions.


A - Width of Building


B - Length of Building


C - Height, quantity and type of Heater(s)


D - Height of Wall


E - Height of Apex

Please advise also if you have any obstuctions, eg, overhead cranes, HVAC ducting etc)

Once we have produced a draft design, and provided a budget proposal, we can schedule a detailed survey if required.

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