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Taking care of our fine feathered friends can be challenging, unlike humans, they do not have sweat glands.

When temperatures and humidity climb up to 32 degrees celcius meat birds and layers will experience heat stress just like human.

Ideally you don’t want your flock to experience any heat stress, not even mild stress because it can effect the health and productivity of the birds. When heat stress occurs feed in-take goes down, panting will ensue and if the heat is not mitigated mortality rates will climb. Layers will lose production, experience low growth rates, and egg size and shell quality will decline. MegaFan HVLS fans can help control heat stress in poultry houses.

In the winter months, when birds get too cold they will eat more to gain heat energy from their food.

A larger percentage of the feed is simply used for comfort. Weight gain and performance declines.

MegaFan HVLS fans can be run very slowly in the winter to keep air circulating and to help keep birds warmer. 

The fans keep the heat from rising up and away from the birds. Instead, the body heat of the birds is circulated downward, keeping the heat around the birds, and when it hits the floor it slowly and gently circulates.  MegaFan HVLS fans can help keep birds, poultry, warmer in the winter for higher production rates.

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