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Site Surveys

Our technical sales engineers are available, free of charge, to perform a detailed site survey of your facility.
Following this survey, we shall issue a detailed proposal, showing the recommended size and location of MegaFan HVLS fans to provide optimal coverage.


We can produce detailed drawings of a proposed installation, showing number of HVLS fans required, their position and coverage. Our AirViz software allows you to see the air movement before the fans are installed to ensure the most effective solution is proposed.


To date we have installed many hundreds of HVLS fans, in warehouses, bottling plants, machine shops, assembly plants, aircraft repair facilities, manufacturing plants, printing and packaging plants, document storage facilities and even a crematorium !


MegaFan’s in house installation teams are also available for annual maintenance duties.

Although our HVLS fans require very little maintenance, we recommend annual cleaning and safety checks to ensure the continued trouble free operation of your HVLS fans.

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