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Key Benefits

Summer Cooling

Imagine a nice, hot day at the beach. When a breeze comes along, it feels cooler, when in fact the temperature remains the same.


HVLS fans from MegaFan Technologies are the ideal means to efficient ventilation. They continuously mix incoming fresh air with stale air, thus minimizing the total amount of ventilation required to achieve adequate air quality. No other commercial fan, system or ventilation technology does this better.

Winter Heating

Thermal Stratification is the single biggest waste of energy in buildings today. Every building will experience some degree of thermal stratification, a natural process that causes warm air rises to the ceiling or roof space and displaces cooler air, pushing it downwards into the occupied space.

Condensation and Mold reduction

Avoid costly condensation and mold issues related to poor air circulation, poor ventilation and variances in room and surface temperatures.

MegaFan™ HVLS fans help keep floor temperatures consistent with the temperature of the circulating air.

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