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Summer Cooling

Imagine a nice, hot day at the beach. When a breeze comes along, it feels cooler, when in fact the temperature remains the same.

MegaFan HVLS fans can circulate the cooled air and balance the temperatures from floor to ceiling.

Typical applications which benefit are :

Too much air will dry out and even heat up the skin. The skin must “dew up” to really feel the relief of a gentle breeze. A large fan turning slowly will deliver just the right amount of air flow to make it feel much cooler and more comfortable

MegaFan HVLS Fans move huge amounts of air, at a speed determined by the speed of their rotation. By adjusting the speed of the HVLS fan up in summer months, we can provide this natural cooling effect for pennies per hour. If your facility already has air conditioning, MegaFan HVLS fans can leverage the installation, distributing the conditioned air extremely efficiently.

This means the air conditioning system does not need to be run as often, if at all, saving valuable energy, saving money and reducing your carbon footprint.
For new HVAC installations, utilising HVLS fans to distribute the conditioned air means expensive ducting need not be installed, lowering the installation cost of associated HVAC systems.
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