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A comfortable pig is a better and productive pig which makes for a happier farmer

The control of humidity, fog conditions, excessive moisture and condensation on walls and equipment, odors and bacteria growth, temperature control, draft control, and the dangers of gas build-up are just a few of the challenges farmers face.
MegaFan HVLS fans generate a large all encompassing breeze that help eliminate many ventilation problems in swine houses.

With air volume up to 376,804 CFM and low watt draw large fans are a natural solution for swine cooling and air distribution.


One 7.3M fan cost about 60p to operate per day, based on an 8 hour day. With variable speed control, airflow rates can be adjusted to specific requirements.


One 7.3M fan can cover up to 20,000 square feet and distributes fresh air in all areas of a facility to eliminate “dead air zones”.


In winter, a slow moving big fan distributes air without creating drafts on animals.

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