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With very high ceilings and vast storage areas that are ever changing due to stock and materials movement, distribution and warehouse centers face ongoing temperature control battles during the summer months (with or without air conditioning).


Manufacturing and production facilities with high ceilings face numerous and often changing environmental control challenges. These include adequate and safe ventilation of production areas, and cost-effective temperature control within all employee-designated areas, from work spaces to the cafeteria.


MegaFan HVLS fans are very quiet, and circulate and distribute air without creating drafts. Ranging in sizes from 2.2 to 7.3 Metres in diameter they create a cool gentle breeze in summer and during the winter months, the barn fans can be run in reverse to move and mix hot elevated air (at ceiling level) with the cold air (at floor level) to even and raise the overall temperature of the facility.


Barns, riding arenas, training centres and show facilities all require good ventilation design. Horses are sensitive to drafts and poor air quality can lead to respiratory infections. Owners, staff, and trainers appreciate a comfortable, fresh, healthy work environment.

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